درگذشت پدر مدیر فنی آزمایشگاه
The death of the father of the technical director of the laboratory
  Mr. Engineer Haftani We deeply regret the death of your honorable father, and we...
26 مرداد 1401
شروع به کار سامانه ثبت درخواست آزمون
Test application registration system is up and running
    The test application registration system of Shokooh Pars Azmoon Company started working.From now...
17 فروردین 1401
بازدید مدیرکل سازمان استاندارد استان قم از آزمایشگاه شکوه پارس آزمون
General Director of Qom Province Standard Organization visits Shokouh Pars Azmoun Laboratory
  On the 15th of Esfand, 1400, Mr. Mohandes Avari Fard, General Manager of Qom...
16 اسفند 1400
بازدید دکتر زینی معاونت علم و فناوری ریاست جمهوری از آزمایشگاه شکوه پارس آزمون
Dr. Zeini, Vice President for Science and Technology, visited Pars Azmoun Shokooh Laboratory
The laboratory of Shokouh Pars Azmoun Company hosted Mr. Dr. Zini, Vice President for Science...
08 اسفند 1400
نرم افزار نظارت بر قطعات و محصول نهایی خودرو و موتورسیکلت به وسیله رمزینه پاسخ سریع(QR Code)
Software for monitoring parts and final products of cars and motorcycles by fast response code (QR Code)
Nowadays, effective monitoring of control and monitoring of all production processes due to technology upgrades,...
08 اسفند 1400
دومین نمایشگاه موتورسیکلت و دوچرخه 21 تا 24 دی ماه 1400
The second exhibition of motorcycles and bicycles from January 11 to 14, 2022
The Second International Exhibition of Motorcycles, Bicycles and Parts was held in the permanent exhibition...
08 آذر 1400
دومین نمایشگاه توانمندی های استان قم از 3 تا 6 اسفند 1400
The second exhibition of capabilities of Qom province from 22 to 25 March 2022
The exhibition of capabilities of Qom province was held from 3 to 6 March, 2022in...
08 آذر 1400
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