Dr. Zeini, Vice President for Science and Technology, visited Pars Azmoun Shokooh Laboratory

The laboratory of Shokouh Pars Azmoun Company hosted Mr. Dr. Zini, Vice President for Science and Technology, and Mr. Azad Engineer from the National Standard Organization of Iran on the second Tuesday of December, 1400, and took measures regarding the technical tests of motorcycles and bicycles.



Shokooh Pars Azmoun provided technical explanations of its work process in the presence of guests and provided some explanations, some of which you can see in the pictures.






At the end of the visit, in the conference room of Shokouh Pars Laboratory Laboratory, explanations about the readiness of the new tests and the future plans of this collection were explained by the collection manager, Mr. Rasoul Parchebaf Dibazari.







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